Looking around, one can see scattered dried leaves, pile of dusty arm chairs, stinky comfort rooms, broken jalousies, clogged gutters, waste water drainage and canals, cobwebs, dysfunctional electrical lights and fans, faded chalk boards, tall grasses, withering plants, dusty corridors and pathways, damaged door knobs and locks, sagging, stained curtains and rods, collapsed stack of papers and student-outputs and scattered used papers.

  This view manifested the call for the “Brigada Eskwela.”  Hence, Cauayan City National High School continued the adaption and perpetuation of one of the good values that runs through the blood of the Filipino people, the spirit of BAYANIHAN.

   The conduct of this year’s “Brigada Eskwela” has brought immeasurable experiences and overwhelming pride for those who participated and volunteered. They helped groom Cauayan City National High School and turned into a safe, desirable, friendly, conducive and even sustained the heart-warming aura. Accomplishments such as repainting of the entire wall enveloping the school, fences and plant boxes, reconstruction of the new faculty rooms and offices for the Senior High School, the newly erected spans of canteens both operated by the private entity and school cooperative located at the Senior High School area and the amazing transformation of the facilities which include Wash Water Sanitation and Hygiene as well as the installation of the rain water container facility are what made the conduct of “Brigada Eskwela” 2018 a successful one. Indeed, Cauayan City National High School, together with the help of the administration and the stakeholders has proven that nothing is impossible with solidarity and harmony.

   The generated material donations and the number of converted voluntary services undoubtedly show that the school has a strong and committed workforce to impose possible means in persuading individuals in the community to extend incomparable and heartfelt services for the benefit of the school’s clienteles.

   “Brigada Eskwela ‘Hall of Fame’” award served as the school’s motivating factor to work harder and double its effort to surpass what it has achieved from the previous “Brigada Eskwela.” With its great achievements and successes in both academic and non-academic aspects, Cauayan City National High School will never cease to beckon challenges for it will always move its best foot forward and take the most significant step that leads to the pinnacle of success and excellence.

   As it continue to flourish its rich history, Cauayan City National High School – Senior High School Department in its third year of implementation also played a very vital part in the conduct of the “Brigada Eskwela” 2018. With the aid of the strong, motivated, effective and efficient, united and performing workforce as well as with the guidance of the brilliant, vibrant, goal-directed and self-propelling school head, Mr. John R. Mina, Secondary School Principal IV, the “Brigada Eskwela” 2018 is really a great success.

   Truly, the sense of responsibility, care, concern and the spirit of volunteerism prevailed and dominated the heart of many individuals in both public and private entities, stakeholders and other community linkages are what etched an enduring legacy during the conduct of “Brigada Eskwela 2018.”

   With these, the school is therefore compliant to the mandate of the Department of Education which focuses on keeping a safe, hazard-free, healthy and friendly learning environment through quality structures and facilities.


  Enthused with strong determination to support the Brigada Eskwela 2018, parents, stakeholders, volunteers, potential donors, students, faculty and staff, school head and department heads gathered together to signal the good start of the Brigada Eskwela 2018. Mr. John R. Mina’s message really inspired and motivated the participants. He thanked them for attending the opening program despite their busy schedule.

Brigada Eskwela has been part of the history and practice of the Philippine educational system. The simple preparation and repair of equipment and facilities is for the benefit the learners. “Brigada Eskwela is a volunteer effort.”

  He also shared some bits of information regarding the priority projects that need to be accomplished like the preparation of the improvised hard hats and the materials needed in the preparation life vests made up of empty plastic bottles.  He also included the conduct of the symposia to discuss safety precaution, health and sanitation.

 He then encouraged everyone to really do each other’s part during the weeklong conduct of the Brigada Eskwela and try to eradicate danger that the students may encounter. Finally, his statement “Sama-sama, tulung-tulong tayong lahat sa Brigada Eskwela 2018” caused a happy and excited atmosphere to the crowd.


   After the opening program, participants/volunteers went to their assigned areas of responsibility. Greater expectation on the accomplishments for day 1 lies upon the determination and commitment of the volunteers.

   Determined to aim higher, everybody is working in unity and harmony. It is the inspiration that lets everyone extend services, affect more and enjoy the spirit of BAYANIHAN. This year’s Brigada Eskwela is carefully planned through the esteemed, empowered and steering administration of the school head.


   Cauayan City National High School, as the “Ideal School of the North” and one of the biggest public secondary schools in Cagayan Valley Region continuously inspiring everyone to participate in their own little way to support every advocacy of the Department of Education especially in the Brigada Eskwela. Having been known that they play a vital role in achieving the school’s development plans and activities, students, parents, stakeholders, public and private institutions strongly supported the Brigada Eskwela.


   Completely repainted retainer wall enclosing the CCNHS campus, groomed and trimmed plants, cleaned and well organized classrooms, learning facilities, computer laboratories, repaired school furniture, sanitized canteens, defogged mosquito prone areas, disinfected comfort rooms and numerous material donations were some of the major accomplishments of the weeklong conduct of Brigada Eskwela 2018.

   These significant achievements will again mark the rich history of this institution in the conduct of the nationwide Brigada Eskwela 2018. Dubbed as “The Ideal City of the North”, it continues to gear up towards excellence from this day forward. The growth and development of the school is phenomenal that it never cease from struggling in meeting the priorities and needs of its inevitable growing number of clienteles.

   Participated by various focal persons, messages of gratitude, appreciation and gratefulness outpoured during the closing program. Hence, with Mr. John R. Mina’s message:

   “Needless to say, we don’t want to blow our trumpets ahead of us. Even if I will not talk, it is really manifested through our unity. Many donors, LGU partners and stakeholders have participated. We want that structures established will not perish. Instead, it will be utilized longer by the next generation. Facilities are typhoon proof and will last more than a lifetime. Let’s maintain them.

   As of today, we have a lot of accomplishments. Our goal this time is to have more improvements in other areas. There is no such thing as perfect and ideal. It is in the mind, it is in the thinking. We can be near to perfection and can be ideal in our own context. To all, thank you very much. You have exerted much. Without you, we will not be able to accomplish something. We should not rely on what the government can give us. All our efforts will be as one. Our main goal is for the betterment of the students. Mabuhay and thank you!”
Each year’s accomplishments and achievements is a clear manifestation that Cauayan City National High School continuously undergoes the process of metamorphosis. Hence, Brigada Eskwela 2018 is definitely a big success!